Registry Records

The official Charter for the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Memphis, Tennessee was issued in 1907 by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America. Since that time, our parish has been the spiritual home to hundreds of Orthodox Christians. During the course of the 100+ years our community has existed, there have been sporadic and incomplete records of our parish sacramental records.

Recently, our Pastoral Assistant conducted a project to review all our parish records and compile a detailed record for our parish sacraments that we have in our parish record books. We are asking each member of our community to review each record to ensure that any mistakes can be properly corrected. Unfortunately, we must acknowledge that there are certain time periods that have incomplete or missing information.

Please contact the Church Office if you have any information that we do not have on file. Please note that for our Death Records, only funeral services are recorded into the official registry book.

Baptism Records

Chrismation Records

Marriage Records

Death Records